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Basler Ace Mounting Plate

This item is displayed for reference only, and is not for sale.
Mounts camera on 1" OD rod
Dual orientation for installation flexibility
Compatible with Basler ace "classic" and "U" models

This aluminum plate is used to mount Basler ace "classic" and "U" cameras on a 1" rod. The camera can be oriented parallel to the rod's axis, enabling adjustment of the field-of-view's size and rotation. Or the camera can be mounted perpendicular to the rod's axis, enabling pan and tilt prior to tightening the clamp.

Screws for fastening to camera are included. The camera, lens, and BITS100 mounting clamp are sold separately.


Material: Aluminum
Finish: Clear annodized

Includes four M2 x 10 mm 18-8 SS flat-head hex screws for mounting camera.