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1.1" 30 mm f2.0 Lens

Schneider Optics Xenon Topaz 21-1078946

$ 830.00 each

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For 12 MP cameras having pixels as small as 3.0 µm
Robust mechanical design
Especially recommended for 12 MP Sony Pregius sensors

This Schneider Xenon-Topaz lens was designed specifically for modern high-resolution cameras having small pixels. Combined with a camera having, for example, the IMX304, IMX253, IMX267 or IMX255 sensor, it makes for an ideal imaging solution.

This lens is focused by rotating the main lens barrel, then locked down using the Allen screw on the collar. The infinitely adjustable iris has a large thumbscrew. These features assure long-term stability, even in typical production environments.

The lens has a broadband coating and is corrected for imaging between 400 and 1000 nm. The best imaged are obtained when focused between 1 meter and infinity.

Contact us for ruggedized and P-Iris versions.


Lens Type: General
Focal Length: 30 mm
Distortion: < 2.00 %
Resolution: 0.0030 mm, 167 lp/mm
Minimum Working Distance: 1,000 mm
F#: 2.0 - 16.0
Lens Mount: C-Mount
Image Circle: 17.60 mm
Length: 35.2 mm
Filter Thread: M30.5 x .5

Compatable filters:

FRMS130 Blue Bandpass Filter, 30.5 mm Thread
FRMS135 Dark Red Bandpass Filter, 30.5 mm Thread
FRMS138 NIR Bandpass Filter, 30.5 mm Thread
FRMS824 Clear Lens Cover, 30.5 mm Thread
FRMS134 Light Red Bandpass Filter, 30.5 mm Thread
FRMS603 Blue Attenuation Filter, 30.5 mm Thread
FRMS803 Rotating Linear Polarizer, 30.5 mm Thread

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