Image shows a SenTech STC-MCCM401U3V


SenTech STC-MCCM401U3V

2048 x 2048 CMV4000 USB3 Color Camera

Not available for purchase outside of North America.
Please contact us for a quote.
2048 x 2048 color images at 89 FPS
Three general-purpose I/O
Compact housing

This USB 3 Vision camera is manufactured by SenTech using the CMOSIS CMV4000 image sensor. It delivers 4 MegaPixel resolution at 89 frames per second, or up to 3500 frames per second if the configurable area-of-interest is set to 32 x 32 pixels. It supports 8, 10, and 12 bit video formats.

This camera has three general-purpose I/O that can be configured as inputs or outputs. There is also a hardware reset input. If using with the CEBR100 I/O cable, then Pin 1 (IO_GND) is Brown, Pin 2 (GPIO2) is Pink, Pin 3 (GPIO1) is Green, Pin 4 (GPIO0) is Yellow, Pin 5 (CAM_RESET) is Gray, and Pin 6 (White) is not used. Please see the manual for wiring details.


Lens Mount: C-Mount


Sensor Resolution: 2,048 (h) x 2,048 (v) pixels
Sensor Size: 15.93 mm (1")
Sensor Model: CMOSIS CMV4000-2E5M1PP
Chroma: Color Bayer
Shutter Type: Global
Frame Rate (full resolution): 89.0 frames/second
Data Interface: USB3 Vision

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