Image shows a Leimac IKBA-HMS500-PL


Leimac IKBA-HMS500-PL

Polarizer Plate, 500 mm

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Linear polarizer
Use with IDBA-HMS500 LED light

The IKBA-HMS500-B-PL is a linear polarizer for the IDBA-HMS500 LED light.

Most sizes of this polarizer are available in your choice of 'Type A' or 'Type B'. The orientation of Type A polarization is parallel to the light's longer axis. Type B is perpendicular to the longer axis.

For a complete solution, this polarizer should be combined with a linear polarizer (more correctly referred to as an "analyzer" in this configuration) that is mounted on the camera lens.

The image above shows a representation of the product family. The filter's length varies by model.

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