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M58 to M42 x 1 Mount Adapter for 18 mm FBD

Price: $244.00 each

Not available for purchase outside of North America.

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M42 x 1 mount for lens
M58 thread for camera
6.52 mm thickness for lenses having 18.0 mm FBD

Enables use of M42 x 1 - mount lenses having an 18.0 mm flange back distance (FBD or FFD) with cameras having an M58 thread and 11.48 mm flange-to-sensor distance.

This adapter is commonly used to mount a Zeiss Interlock Compact M42 lens on an SVS-Vistek HR-series camera.


Lens Thread: M42 x 1
Camera Thread: M58 x 0.75
Optical Thickness: 6.52 mm (e.g. for lens with 18.00 mm FBD on camera having 11.48 mm flange-to-sensor distance)
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