Image shows a Basler C11-2520-12M-P


Basler C11-2520-12M-P

1.1" 25 mm f2.0 12 MP Lens

Price: $329.00 each

Not available for purchase outside of North America.

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C-mount lens for sensors up to 1.1"
25 mm lens for many 12 MP cameras
Metal housing
Locking screws for iris and focus

The Basler C11-2520-12M-P Premium 12 megapixel lens features an 25 mm focal length and a short 100 mm minimum object distance.

Basler lenses have been designed with a needs-oriented approach to deliver an excellent price/performance ratio. The Basler C11 Premium lenses are intended for use with most 12 megapixel cameras having an image sensor not larger than 17.6 mm diagonal, and a pixel size of 3.57 µm or larger.

The Basler C11 Premium lenses are appropriate for typical machine vision installations. They were designed for relatively short working distances, and have thumbscrews to lock both the aperture and focus.

We include this lens in our catalog because it offers a great value. You will however find that some higher-cost lenses offer a larger aperture, less distortion, greater resistance to vibration, and more consistent performance across a variety of installation conditions.



Lens Mount: C-Mount
Length: 68.8 mm
Filter Thread: M35.5 x .5
Weight: 215 g


Lens Type: General
Focal Length: 25.4 mm
Distortion: < -0.24 %
Center Resolving Power: 3.57 µm, 140 lp/mm
Minimum Object Distance: 100 mm
F#: 2.0 - 16.0
Image Circle: 17.60 mm (1.1")
Best Performance: F2.6 at 0.5 m working distance
Relative Illumination: 70% at Full Aperture
Wavelength Range: Visible (400–700 nm)


Operating Temperature: -20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F) (For best results, adjust the focus when a steady operating temperature has been reached.)
Operating Humidity: 10 to 90 % relative humidity, non-condensing
Storage Temperature: -20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F)

The technical data shown above are nominal design values provided by Basler. The real values of the delivered products may deviate from the nominal design values.

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