Image shows a Sony IMX265LLR


Sony IMX265LLR

2048 x 1536 1/1.8 Mono CMOS

This item is displayed for reference only, and is not for sale.
2048 x 1536 Pregius sensor
3.45 µm high-sensitivity pixels
EXview HAD technology increases NIR performance

Built on Sony Pregius technology, this sensor offers the same excellent image quality as the IMX252 sensor, but at a lower frame rate.


Sensor Resolution: 2048 (h) x 1536 (v) pixels
Pixel Size: 3.45 µm
Sensor Size: 8.83 mm
Sensor Active Area: 7.0656 (h) x 5.2992 (v) mm
Technology: CMOS Monochrome Progressive Scan

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