Image shows a Sony IMX541-AAMJ


Sony IMX541-AAMJ

Sony Pregius S 1.1" CMOS Monochrome Sensor

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17.5 mm sensor (1.1")
20.2 MP
global shutter

Sony IMX541-AAMJ

The Pregius S are Sony's fourth generation of CMOS image sensors. Building on the impressive innovations made in previous generations, Pregius S sensors deliver even greater value.

The 2.74 µm pixels enable greater resolution from a given sensor surface. This enables imaging of smaller flaws within a given field-of-view, and/or reducing the number of cameras needed for a given task.

For the first time, a global shutter is combined with BSI (back-side illumination). You get improved image quality, without the motion artifacts associated with rolling shutters.

Pregius S sensors are available three aspect ratios.

> 16:9 for many applications in traffic and transportation

> 1:1 for medical and life sciences

> 4:3 to maximize resolution at the C-mount limit

The Pregius S sensors are available in two speed levels. The high-speed series are appropriate for CoaXPress 2.0 and 10GigE cameras, while the standard series is best GigE and USB 3.0 cameras.



Sensor Resolution: 4504 (h) x 4504 (v) pixels
Pixel Size: 2.74 µm
Sensor Size: 17.45 mm (1.1")
Sensor Active Area: 12.3410 (h) x 12.3410 (v) mm
Technology: CMOS Monochrome Progressive Scan

Cameras that include this sensor:

CABR1003 4504 x 4504 Monochrome CMOS GigE Camera
CABR1203 4504 x 4504 Monochrome CMOS USB3 Camera
CABR1403 4504 x 4504 Monochrome CMOS GigE Camera
CABR1603 4504 x 4504 Monochrome CMOS USB3 Camera
CASK168 4504 x 4504 IMX541 USB3 Mono Camera
CASK117 4504 x 4504 IMX541 GigE Mono Camera
CASK1604 4480 x 4504 Monochrome CoaXPress Camera
CASK1804 4504 x 4504 Monochrome 10GigE Camera
CABR5004 4504 x 4504 Monochrome 5GigE Camera