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16 Point I/O Card


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8 isolated 24 VDC digital inputs
8 isolated 24 VDC digital outputs

This I/O card can be mounted inside the CRNS360 or CRNS365 computer to provide monitoring and control of digital signals.

The 8 digital inputs have unipolar photo-couplers and offer 3,750 Vrms isolation. Use with either sink or source wiring, with each channel having an independent common. Voltages of 5 to 24 VDC are read as "high" while voltages 0 to 1.5 VDC are read as "low".

There are also 8 digital outputs of sink type. They have a MOSFET interface with 3,750 Vrms isolation. Each channel can drive up to 500 mA continuous duty, using 30 VDC maximum.

External terminal block and cable sold separately.


Input Channels 8 (sink or source type)
Input Interface Unipolar photo-coupler
Input Isolation 3,750 Vrms
Input Voltage 24 VDC maximum, 0 - 1.5 logic low, 5 - 24 logic high
Output Channels 8 (sink type)
Output Interface MOSFET, open drain
Output Isolation 3,750 Vrms
Output Voltage 24 VDC nominal, 30 VDC maximum
Output Current 500 mA per channel, continuous duty


SCSI 68 (Female) Qty 1
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MezIO Driver & SDK v2.2.8.0 (zip)    (Sign In or register to access link.)