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FDA Enclosure, 316SS, Glass Window

Price: $626.00 each

Not available for purchase outside of North America.

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Designed for mounting Basler ace cameras in food production areas
100% 316 SS construction for corrosive environments
Glass window
Compatible with BTIS mounting systems

This camera enclosure has a 316 stainless steel housing for protecting the Basler ace camera. It has been designed specifically for highly corrosive environments and food production areas. Care has been taken to reduce pockets where water might collect.

The standard cable gland at the bottom of the enclosure uses a split insert to provide a watertight seal around one or more cables. The gland allows passage of standard molded cables without removal of the connectors.

Once the enclosure cover is removed, you have full access to the camera and lens, taking the guesswork out of changing focus and f-stop settings. The lens can be adjusted close to the viewport to reduce reflections. This camera enclosure readily accommodates large diameter lenses or ringlights up to 50mm in diameter (lit area).

This enclosure is compatible with the BTIS mounting system. Purchase one EEAG803 and two BTIS100 kits to mount this enclosure on a 1" rod.

Custom engraved text or logo is available at additional charge.

Options include air cooling, air curtain window, and assorted cable entry fittings. Shown in the image with optional camera, lens and BTIS mounting system.