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Neousys PCIe-PoE354at

GigE PoE Adapter, 4-Port Server Grade

Price: $572.00 each

Not available for purchase outside of North America.

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4 ports with independent PoE+ on/off control
x4 Gen2 PCI Express interface delivers 2GB/s
Intel® I350-AM4 server-grade Gigabit Ethernet controller

This four-port network adapter can power PoE and PoE+ cameras and other devices via the data cable. This saves the expense of purchasing external power supplies and running additional cables. Each port can deliver 25.5 W of power, compliant with IEEE 802.3at-2009. The PoE function of each port can be independently enabled and disabled via a software API. Maximum cable distance is 100 meters.

This network adapter is ideal for high-bandwidth devices, such as machine vision cameras. The Intel® I350-AM4 server-grade Gigabit Ethernet controller supports jumbo frames, up to 9.5 KB, for greater efficiency. Link aggregation ("teaming") is supported. Up to 2000 Mb/s can be pushed over the Gen2 PCI Express x4 interface.

This network adapter and the connected devices can powered via the computer's PCIe bus (motherboard permitting) or the on-board 4-pin power connector.

We recommend use with our shielded CAT-6 cables.


Bus Interface: Gen2 PCI Express x4
Controller: Intel I350-AM4
Maximum Frame Size: 9.5KB
Link Aggregation (Teaming): Yes
Input Power: 1.2 A @ 3.3 V and 9.6 A @ 12 V
Output Power: 25.5 W max per port


Dimensions: 167.7 mm (W) x 111.2 mm (H)


Operating Temp.: 0 - 55 deg. C with air flow


Conformance IEEE 802.3at-2009, FCC 15, CE if marked
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