Image shows a Basler 2000030972


Basler 2000030972

12-pin Hirose To Leadwires 20 Meter PLC Cable

This item has been discontinued. Please contact us for substitutes.
Compatible with Scout, Pilot and Aviator auxiliary connector
Recommended when connecting camera I/O to PLC I/O
Built-in diodes protect the camera

This 20 meter cable has a 12-pin Hirose connector on one end and lead wires on the other. It is compatible with the Scout, Pilot and Aviator GigE auxiliary connector for terminating power and I/O. Is is also compatible with the Aviator CL model for terminating I/O.

This cable may be cut to length as needed. Because of the voltage drop over 20 meters, you will need to supply 14 volts for the camera. Be sure to terminate both GND conductors and both VCC conductors.


Length: 20.0 m

Orders for this item cannot be cancelled, nor returned. (Sorry, but this is the manufacturer's policy.)