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Camera Enclosure, 316SS, Poly Window, Tripod Mount


$ 740.00 each

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Designed for cameras having tripod mount
316 SS construction
Meets NEMA4X standards
Polycarbonate window

This camera enclosure, fabricated from 316 stainless steel, was designed for FDA wash-down environments. It protects cameras from dust, dirt, water, and idle handles. A camera, having a tripod mount and up to 70 mm wide, is easily mounted inside.

The standard cable gland at the bottom of the enclosure uses a split insert to provide a watertight seal around one or more cables. The gland allows passage of standard molded cables without removal of the connectors.

Once the enclosure cover is removed, you have full access to the camera and lens, simplifying focus and aperture adjustments. Mount the camera in a forward position, to reduce reflections when using shorter lenses. Or mount it further away to allow for longer lenses.

A Pan and Tilt mount is available at extra cost.