Image shows a Basler 2000034086


Basler 2000034086

6-pin Hirose To Leadwires 10 Meter Cable

Price: $58.00 each

Not available for purchase outside of North America.

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Use with Basler ace optically-isolated I/O only
Will not power camera
10 meter cable can be cut to length as needed

This 10 meter cable has a 6-pin Hirose plug on one end and leadwires on the other. It is used to access the optically-isolated I/O on Basler Ace USB and GigE cameras, via pins 2 and 4, with pin 5 as the I/O ground.

This cable cannot be used to power your camera, as it has only three conductors. Use USB or PoE to power your camera when using this cable. If you need to power your GigE Ace camera, use the CEBR100 cable instead. If you have an Ace 2 or Boost camera, use the CEBR119 or CEBR120 instead.

See the datasheet on the Resources tab for conductor pin-out information.


Length: 10.0 m
Conductor Wire Gauge: #26 AWG (2 x 2 x 0.14 mm2)
Cable Diameter: 4.9 mm max.
Wire Insulation: PVC
Outer Jacket: PVC
Bend Radius (minimum): 34.3 mm (7 x cable diameter)
Bending Cycles Maximum: None (fixed installation only)


Operating Temperature: -25 to 80 °C
Ingress Protection: IP40


Connector: Hirose, 6 pin, HR10A-7P-6S (73)


Conformance RoHS, CE