Image shows a Kowa LM5JC10M


Kowa LM5JC10M

2/3" 5 mm 10-MegaPixel Lens

Price: $1,119.00 each

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10-MegaPixel resolution
Low chromatic aberration
High transmission from visible to NIR
Short minimum working distance

The Kowa LM5JC10M 10-megapixel lens will maximize the performance of your high resolution camera. It delivers fantastic image detail, with 200 lp/mm resolution at center, and 140 lp/mm at the corners.

Kowa's broadband coating and floating mechanism design greatly reduce chromatic aberration. You can expect beautiful results across the entire visible to near-infrared spectrum, at all working distances. Even if you're not using a 10 megapixel camera, this lens will deliver superior image contrast, which often translates into superior inspection results.


Lens Mount: C-Mount
Length: 59.4 mm
Filter Thread: M46 x .75


Lens Type: General
Focal Length: 5 mm
Distortion: < -0.33 %
Center Resolving Power: 2.50 µm, 200 lp/mm
Corner Resolving Power: 3.57 µm, 140 lp/mm
Minimum Object Distance: 100 mm
F#: 1.8 - 16.0
Image Circle: 11.00 mm (2/3")

Length as measured with lens fully extended.

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