Image shows a Midwest Optical Filters


Clear Lens Cover, 27 mm Thread

Midwest Optical Filters

$45.00 each

Available Worldwide.

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Protects expensive lenses against dust and fingerprints

This clear lens cover provides an additional layer of protection for expensive optics.

To clean, simply unthread it from the lens, bring it to a sink and use water and a soft cloth, letting it dry before returning it to service. Your imaging system can keep working while you’re cleaning this lens cover.

Consider all the costs of replacing a lens: Inventorying each lens type, labor to tweak the focus and aperture of a replacement lens, and down-time for recalibrating or retraining software. Each time you replace a lens cover, you’ll be glad it was there.


Thread: M27 x .5
Aperture: 22.5 mm


Filter Type: Visible Pass
Wavelength: 330 nm

90% efficient between 340 - 1100 nm.