Image shows a Midwest Optical Filters PL032-S61


Midwest Optical Filters PL032-S61

Linear Polarizing Filter, 61 mm Slip-Mount

Price: $162.00 each

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Greatly reduce or eliminate glare
No lens threads needed
Slips over lenses have a 61.0 mm OD
Set screws hold in place

Rotating the mount and visually observing the results makes it easy to determine the position at which reduction of glare is maximized. No lens threads are needed, since it just slips over the object end of the lens. Three recessed set screws hold it in place.

To clean, simply remove it from the lens, bring it to a sink and use water and a soft cloth, letting it dry before returning it to service. Your imaging system can keep working while you’re cleaning this lens cover.


Thread: Unmounted
Aperture: 61.0 mm


Filter Type: Polarizing
Wavelength: 400 nm

Useful Range : 400-700 nm