Image shows a Basler Ace acA1920-150umNIR


Basler Ace acA1920-150umNIR

1920 x 1200 2/3" NIR CMOS USB3 Camera

This item has been discontinued. Please contact us for substitutes.
USB3 interface
150 full frames per second
Compact 29 x 29 x 29 mm housing
2/3" CMOS sensor with Global shutter

The ace series of USB3 Vision cameras offer fantastic value for very challenging applications (e.g. microscopy, medical technology, transport technology). This model contains a PYTHON 2000 CMOS sensor from ON Semiconductor. The 2/3" sensor contains 1920 x 1200 pixels, and delivers up to 150 frames per second at full resolution. With a compact 29 x 29 x 29 mm housing, this camera is even smaller than Basler's GigE models.

With USB3 Vision, a single cable supplies camera power and transfers data between the camera and PC. An auxiliary connector provides termination for the input and output signals.

The Basler ace provides a full set of features to address a wide range of applications. Pixel data can be output in 8 or 12 bit depth. You may adjust the camera’s black level, gain, area of interest, input debounce, and trigger delay. It features automatic exposure control, pixel binning, horizontal image mirroring, event reporting, sending of test images, and a programmable lookup table. There are also “chunk” features that include a frame counter, time stamp, trigger input counter, and CRC checksum calculator. Note that not all features may be available when using third-party software.

Because this camera is USB3 Vision and GenICam compliant, there are many third party software applications and API’s that are compatible. Basler offers their royalty-free Pylon SDK for 32 and 64 bit Windows and Linux platforms.


Lens Mount: C-Mount


Sensor Resolution: 1,920 (h) x 1,200 (v) pixels
Sensor Size: 10.87 mm
Sensor Model: ON Semi Python 2000
Chroma: Monochrome
Frame Rate (full resolution): 150.0 frames/second
Data Interface: USB3 Vision
Data Rate: USB 3.0 Only (5 Gbps)

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