Image shows a ON Semi Python 300


ON Semi Python 300

640 x 480 1/4" Monochrome CMOS Sensor

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IP-CDS (correlated double sampling) global shutter technology
True HW scalable family concept
High configurability and Fast switching between operating modes
Multiple windowing (AOI)
High dynamic range and Frame rates

The PYTHON 300 is a 1/4 inch VGA CMOS image sensor with a pixel array of 640 by 480 pixels. The high sensitivity 4.8 µm x 4.8 µm pixels support low noise “pipelined” and “triggered” global shutter readout modes. Furthermore the correlated double sampling (CDS) support in global shutter mode results in reduced noise and increased dynamic range. The sensor has on-chip programmable gain amplifiers and 10-bit A/D converters. The integration time and gain parameters can be reconfigured without any visible image artifact. Optionally the on-chip automatic exposure control loop (AEC) controls these parameters dynamically. The image’s black level is either calibrated automatically or can be adjusted by adding a user programmable offset. A high level of programmability using a four wire serial peripheral interface enables the user to read out specific regions of interest. Up to 8 regions can be programmed, achieving even higher frame rates. The image data interface consists of four LVDS lanes, facilitating frame rates up to 850 frames per second in Zero ROT mode. Each channel runs at 720 Mbps. A separate synchronization channel containing payload information is provided to facilitate the image reconstruction at the receiving end. The PYTHON 300 is packaged in a 48-pin LCC package and is available in a monochrome and color version. Contact your local ON Semiconductor office for more information.


Sensor Resolution: 640 (h) x 480 (v) pixels
Pixel Size: 4.80 µm
Sensor Size: 3.84 mm
Sensor Active Area: 3.0720 (h) x 2.3040 (v) mm
Technology: CMOS Monochrome Progressive Scan

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