Image shows a Spectrum Illumination


Spectrum Illumination

Monster Light Cable, Regular Duty, for HO Strobes

Compatible with Spectrum Illumination High-Output Strobes
5-pin M12 connector
Assorted lengths

This cable is used to connect a Spectrum Illumination Monster high-output strobe-only light to the light controller. It has a 5-pin M12 connector on the light end, and flying leads on the other.

This cable should only be used with the LTSN52_ high-output strobe-only lights. (Two conductors are soldered together to improve the light's response time.)


Length: 1 mm

Configure to choose your cable length. This cable is not rated for frequent flexing or twisting, as in robotic installations.

Choose a Cable Length

4M 4 Meter $ 40.00
8M 8 Meter $ 80.00
15M 15 Meter $ 100.00
30M 30 Meter $ 235.00

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