Image shows a Schneider Optics EMERALD 21-1085723


Schneider Optics EMERALD 21-1085723

80 mm F-mount Lens

Price: $1,153.00 each

Not available for purchase outside of United States.

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Robust mechanics for rough industrial environments
High resolution optics
Broadband coating for visible or NIR imaging
Constant MTF over the entire image field
Canon, V, M42 and M58 mounts also available

The Schneider EMERALD 21-1085723 low distortion lens offers an image circle diameter of 80 mm. It is compact, robust, and optimized for imaging close objects with a uniform image quality over the entire sensor area. The 400 - 1000 nm broadband coating makes it suitable for applications in the visible and the near infrared spectrum.

The iris is locked with a thumb screw. The focus is set by rotating the main barrel via an internal thread and locked with a locking collar that resists vibration.

Contact us for optional lens mounts: Canon mount; V-mount; M42 mount; and M58 mount.


Lens Mount: F-Mount
Length: 43.2 mm
Filter Thread: M43 x .75


Lens Type: General
Focal Length: 80 mm
Center Resolving Power: 6.45 µm, 80 lp/mm
Minimum Object Distance: 221 mm
F#: 4.0 - 16.0
Image Circle: 80.00 mm


Slow Temperature Cycling: -25°C to +70°C, 5 cycles a 12h, DIN ISO 9022-2-14-03 -1
Damp Heat Cycling: -23°C to +40°C, 80% to 95% rel. humidity, DIN ISO 9022-2-16-01-1
Shock Testing: 50 g / 11 ms, 18 shocks, DIN ISO 9022-3-30-06-1
Sinusoidal Vibration: 2 g, 10 to 500 Hz, DIN ISO 9022-3-36-04-1

Canon mount, V-mount, M42 mount and M58 mount also available.

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