Image shows a CMOSIS CMV12000ES-2E5M1PA



4096 x 3072 1.75" Monochrome CMOS Sensor

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4096 (H) x 3072 (V) active pixels on a 5.5 µm pitch
Pipelined global shutter with CDS
300 frames/s at full resolution in 10 bit mode or 180 frames/s at full resolution in 12 bit mode
Multiple High Dynamic Range modes supported up to 90 dB
ROI windowing capability (up to 32 separate ROIs - row based only)
On chip pixel averaging (increased frame rate and dynamic range)

The CMV12000 is a global shutter CMOS image sensor with 4096 by 3072 pixels in a APS-C optical format supporting super HD imaging (4k). The image array consists of 5.5 um by 5.5 um pipelined global shutter pixels, which allow exposure during read out while performing CDS operation reducing fixed pattern and dark noise significantly. The CMV12000 has 64 12-bit digital LVDS outputs (serial) each running at 600 Mbps. The image sensor also integrates a programmable gain amplifier and offset regulation. Each channel runs at 600 Mbps maximum, which results in 300 fps frame rate at full resolution in 10-bit mode. Higher frame rates can be achieved in rowwindowing mode or row-subsampling mode. All operation

modes are all programmable using a SPI interface. A programmable on-board sequencer generates all internal exposure and read out timings. External triggering and exposure programming is also possible. Extended optical dynamic range can be achieved by multiple integrated high dynamic range modes. A 12-bit per pixel mode is available at reduced frame rates.


Sensor Resolution: 4096 (h) x 3072 (v) pixels
Pixel Size: 5.50 µm
Sensor Size: 28.16 mm (1.75")
Sensor Active Area: 22.5280 (h) x 16.8960 (v) mm
Technology: CMOS Monochrome Progressive Scan

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