Image shows a SVS-Vistek HR svs11002MTHCPC


SVS-Vistek HR svs11002MTHCPC

4008 x 2672 Monochrome CCD CL Camera

This item has been discontinued. Please contact us for substitutes.
10 frames per second
Highest possible resolutions in the field of industrial image processing
Camera Link Full

All HR Series cameras have the following quality performance features:

> Progressive scan CCD sensors

> An array of trigger and exposure modes

> Manual analog and digital gain

> Auto gain and exposure

> Binning modes

> Partial scan

> M58 lens interface (F-Mount optional)

> Precise mounting of the sensor for repeatability

> 11 to 29 Megapixels at optimized frame rates

> Industrial housing with changeable lens adapters

> 14-bit ADC with 8- or 12-bit output

> Industrial IO interface (0 – 24 V inputs and current-driving outputs)

> Direct control and driving of LED lighting - built-in LED controller

> Logical trigger functions

> Flat Field Correction

> Auto Tap Balancing

> Power supply: 10 – 24 VDC

> Manual and Auto White Balance (color versions)

> Operating temperature range: -10 C° to +45°

Additional Camera Link properties:

> Camera Link data interface

> Fully Camera Link standard compatibility

> Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV-Mode)

> Power over Camera Link (PoCL)


Lens Mount: Optional


Sensor Resolution: 4,008 (h) x 2,672 (v) pixels
Sensor Size: 43.35 mm
Sensor Model: ON Semi KAI-11002-A
Chroma: Monochrome
Frame Rate (full resolution): 10.0 frames/second
Data Interface: Camera Link

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