Image shows a ON Semi KAI-04070-A


ON Semi KAI-04070-A

2048x2048 1" Monochrome CCD Sensor

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Superior smear rejection
Up to 82 dB linear dynamic range
Monochrome configuration
Progressive scan & flexible readout architecture
High frame rate
High sensitivity - Low noise architecture
Package pin reserved for device identification

The KAI-04070 Image Sensor is a 4-megapixel CCD in a 4/3 inch optical format. Based on the TRUESENSE 7.4 micron Interline Transfer CCD Platform, the sensor provides very high smear rejection and up to 82 dB linear dynamic range through the use of a unique dual-gain amplifier. A flexible readout architecture enables use of 1, 2, or 4 outputs for full resolution readout up to 28 frames per second, while a vertical overflow drain structure suppresses image blooming and enables electronic shuttering for precise exposure control.

The sensor shares common pin-out and electrical configurations with a full family of Truesense Imaging Interline Transfer CCD image sensors, allowing a single camera design to be leveraged in support of multiple devices.


Sensor Resolution: 2048 (h) x 2048 (v) pixels
Pixel Size: 7.42 µm
Sensor Size: 21.50 mm (4/3")
Sensor Active Area: 15.2000 (h) x 15.2000 (v) mm
Technology: CCD Monochrome Progressive Scan

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