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Double-Shielded Ethernet Cable, 50 ft

Price: $54.00 each

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Double-shielded for factory floor
50 feet long

Standard Ethernet cables are completely unshielded. While that's ok for office environments, unshielded cables are not intended for use on the factory floor.

This Category 6a cable is double-shielded to resist electromagnetic interference and reduce crosstalk between pairs. Each pair of #26 AWG copper conductors is wrapped in a foil shield. There is also a braided shield beneath the cable’s PVC jacket. The RJ-45 connector at each end has gold plated contacts.

This cable is compatible with stationary GigE camera installations. It is TIA and EIA certified, and RoHS, REACH, and WEEE compliant.


Design: 600 MHz, Cat6a, STP


Jacket: PVC
Length: 15.2 m