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Simplimax® One


Available Worldwide.
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Capture and display images from multiple cameras
Automatically save images to archive
Simple installation and use
Four security levels
Configure for multiple product types

Simplimax® is easy-to-use imaging software. It may be quickly configured to perform a variety of common imaging tasks. Start with basic image capture, display and archival. Upgrade to extract image information and perform reliable automated inspection.


Capture images from up to eight Basler GigE Vision and/or USB3 Vision cameras. Integrated camera discovery and configuration simplifies both initial installation and maintenance. Independently trigger each camera using an electrical signal, or capture images at fixed frame rates up to 750 FPS. Up to 20 MP resolution available.


View live images from up to four cameras. Zoom and pan images to explore the details.


Configure system to automatically save images in the format of your choice. Archive size limited only by drive capacity. Supports automatically overwriting the oldest images. File names precisely indicate date/time of capture, which enables sorting. File names may also include embedded variable values.


Enhance images using filters and morphology to accentuate the features you’re interested in.


Use different camera and tool settings to image different products. When the operator or PLC selects a product, all camera and tool settings are automatically applied.


Simplimax® has four different security permissions that can be assigned to each user as appropriate. These permissions prevent unauthorized modification of system settings, configurations and products. The default user (typically a machine operator having no security permissions) need not sign in.


Simplify the user experience and eliminate the keyboard and mouse. All screens have been designed for touchscreen use. (Several sizes of touchscreens are available.)


Simplimax® is available pre-installed and tested on our industrially-hardened computers. These power cameras using Power-over-Ethernet and USB. They can include 24 volt I/O (16 in, 16 out) on request. We also offer lenses, protective enclosures, lights, mounting brackets and other accessories to complete your solution.


Camera Types: Connect up to eight Basler GigE Vision or USB3 Vision monochrome cameras.
Camera Trigger: Trigger each camera independently using a 5 to 24 VDC signal. Or, configure each camera to capture at a fixed frame rate.
Archive Format: Save images to BMP, JPEG (lossy), PNG, RAW, or TIFF (uncompressed little-endian) format
Archive Capacity: In managed mode, save up to 100,000 image files per camera, overwriting oldest files as needed. In unmanaged mode the file count is limited only by drive capacity. Optional 1 TB SSD available.
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit

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