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Blue Attenuation Filter, 25.5 mm Thread

Midwest Optical Filters

$ 69.00 each

Available Worldwide.

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Attenuates blue light from white LED and metal halide lamps
Durable coating

This light-balancing filter attenuates blue light from typcal white LED and metal halide light sources. It delivers a more natural, balanced image, and is especially useful with color cameras. This filter passes wavelenths greater than 500 nm, absorbs UV and blue 200 - 500 nm, and attenuates 400 - 500 nm wavelenths.

This mounted filter screws in to the threads on the front of a matching lens. The filter coating is durable and non-hydroscopic. It withstands cleaning, heat, humidity and vibration.


Filter Type: Light Balancing
Thread: M25.5 x .5
Aperture: 21 mm