Image shows a Opto Engineering TCHM Series


Telecentric Lens 1X for 11mm Sensor

Opto Engineering TCHM Series

$ 790.00 each

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1.00X magnification for sensors up to 11 mm (2/3")
71 mm working distance

This lens offers all the advantages of telecentricity. Unlike conventional lenses, each pixel images an area having the same physical size. There are no perspective errors, assuming the object is presented perpendicular to the lens. This makes it ideal for measuring features within the image.

Use this lens with a camera having up to a 2/3 format (11 mm diagonal) sensor.


Lens Type: Telecentric
Magnification: 1.000
Distortion: < 0.00 %
Depth of Field: 0.90 mm
Resolving Power: 10.50 µm, 50 lp/mm
Working Distance: 71.0 mm
F#: 15.6
Lens Mount: C-Mount
Image Circle: 11.00 mm (2/3")
Length: 116.1 mm

The F# shown is the working F#, the real F-number of a lens when used as a macro. Resolution shown is the nominal resolving power.

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