CL Grabber for Single Camera

BitFlow Axion AXN-PC2-CL-1xE

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For one Base, Medium or Full CL camera
FlowThru architecture
PCIe x4 Gen 2.0 interface
Supports 80-bit/85 MHz cameras


We recommend this frame grabber for all Basler Camera Link models, including Base, Medium, and Full. (The Neon frame grabber may also be considered for Base implementations.)

The Axion-CL uses BitFlow's PCIe Gen 2.0 platform, featuring:

> PCIe Gen 2.0 back end for the ultimate high speed access to host memory.

> Sophisticated DMA engine to handle the demands of new camera interface standards.

> Robustness in the face of a very busy system, with fault tolerance in cases where memory couldn't be accessed.

> Completely self-sufficient for independence from busy CPUs.


Unlike previous BitFlow products, the Gen 2 products use an XML base camera configuration file. These files can be edited in any text editor. The file format is fully documented (see the downloads page). The XML file format is unique in that very few items are needed in order to get the board up and running with a given camera, which still supporting a rich set of tokens for very customized support of the board and/or camera. The XML camera files also support multiple modes for a given camera. This simplifies file management as only one file is needed for a particular make/model of a camera. All of its modes are supported internally by the token in the XML file.


I/O signals can be routed to/from many internal and external destinations, the flexibility of the routing is unprecedented in the industry. In addition, there are separate hardware I/O signals which can be connected to/from external source. Finally each CL camera has a full set of these signals which can be run independently. The Axion-CL board, as with our past interface products, supports not only simple triggering modes but also complicated, application-specific triggering and control interactions with your hardware environment.


BitFlow frame grabbers are compatible with most software environments. Drivers are available for interfacing with Cognex VisionPro, MathWorks Matlab, MediaCybernetics Image-Pro, National Instruments LabView, and Stemmer Imaging Common Vision Blox. MVTec Halcon offers support, and there is a TWAIN driver for interfacing with additional applications. We also offer an SDK (Windows 32 and 64, or Linux) for developing your own applications in C, C++, or .net languages.


Camera Link SDR/HDR Receptacle (Female) Full Camera Link Qty 2


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