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Light Mounting Bracket for 8-32 at 2.75" oc


Mounts lights using 8-32 screws, 2.75" o.c., on 1" rod
Expedites installation
Securely positions device, while still enabling future adjustment
Compatible with LTSN49X series lights

Tired of waiting for custom brackets to be fabricated? This machine vision light bracket will expedite installation and return your equipment to full operation more quickly.

This aluminum bracket is used to mount compatible lights on a 1" rod. For a machine vision light to be compatible, it must be tapped for two 8-32 screws spaced 2.75 inches on center. Compatible lights include our LTSN49X linear lights. Other LTSN4XX series lights can also be mounted using one 8-32 screw per bracket.

This bracket has been tested for compatibility with our rods having a nominal 1" outside diameter. Machined for a precision fit, rods sourced elsewhere may or may not work.

Most lights require mounting one bracket at each end, as shown above, so order quantity 2. Light and rod available at additional cost.


Material: Aluminum bracket with stainless steel fasteners
Finish: Clear annodized or hard-coat

Stainless steel fasteners included.

Choose LED Optics

L12 12 Degree FWHM
L16 16 Degree FWHM Frosted *
L23 23 Degree FWHM Frosted *
L30 30 Degree FWHM *
L39 39 Degree FWHM Frosted *
L50 50 Degree FWHM *
LWA Wide Angle *
LL Line Optics *
LR60 60 Degree Reflector *
LR120 120 Degree Reflector *

Choose a Diffuser

DS Standard Diffuser $ 25.00
DC Clear Cover
DT Thin Film Diffuser $ 25.00
DW White Diffuser $ 25.00
DP Polarizer $ 50.00

Choose a Cable Length

C04S 4 Meter Standard
C08S 8 Meter Standard $ 40.00
C15S 15 Meter Standard $ 60.00
C30S 30 Meter Standard $ 195.00
C04F 4 Meter High-Flex $ 75.00 *
C08F 8 Meter High-Flex $ 100.00 *
C15F 15 Meter High-Flex $ 200.00 *
C30F 30 Meter High-Flex $ 380.00 *

Choose a Controller

AL Standard Controller, Max. Intensity
AA Analog Intensity Control, 0 - 10 VDC $ 85.00
AP Potentiometer Intensity Control $ 85.00
AR Remote Potentiometer Control (w/o potentiometer) $ 100.00

* Item is non-cancellable, non-returnable.

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