Image shows a Basler 2000034084


6-pin Hirose To Leadwires 10 Meter PLC Cable

Basler 2000034084

$76.00 each

Available in North America.

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Recommended when connecting camera I/O to PLC I/O
Improved EMC immunity
Compatible with Ace GigE input/output/power receptacle

This 10 meter cable has a 6-pin Hirose plug on one end and leadwires on the other. It is compatible with Ace GigE cameras.

Although Basler ace camera inputs can handle up to 24 volts, without this cable the inputs turn "on" at just 1.4 to 2.2 volts. In certain environments, this may result in the camera triggering on electrical noise.

This cable adapts the camera's TTL 0 - 5 volt logic inputs for use with industrial controls having 0 - 24 volt logic. Protection against EMI, ESD, reverse voltage and over-voltage peaks is included.


Length: 10.0 m


Conformance CE and RoHS