Image shows a Opto Engineering LTPRSMHP3W Series


LED Pattern Projectors

Opto Engineering LTPRSMHP3W Series

$ 1,590.00 each

Available in North America.

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Projects line, stripes, grid, crosshair or custom pattern
Sharp edges free of speckles
Tilt adjustment enables focusing on angled plane
Choice of red, green, blue, or white

Our LED pattern projectors are specifically designed for the most demanding 3D profiling and measurement applications. Triangulation techniques require that structured light be directed onto an object at a considerable angle from vertical. Tilting the light source pattern becomes essential to ensure that patterned light is properly and homogeneously focused across the entire sample surface. This pattern projector integrates a precision tilting mechanism based on the Scheimpflug design. This ensures that the focus doesn’t change when the pattern is tilted. The internal focus mechanism offers the maximum optical throughput.

The projected light path is typically coupled to the pupil aperture of a C-mount lens. When combined with one of our bi-telecentric lenses, the projection area is undistorted since tilting the pattern only causes a linear extension along one direction. Very good results can also be obtained with our zero distortion macro lenses; the magnification changes along both axes, but image resolution and distortion are such that 3D reconstruction can still be easily performed. Although compatible with non bi-telecentric lenses, a square pattern will become a trapezoid in the projection plane.

This light is available with 3 watt LEDs, to include: white, 460 nm blue, 520 nm green, or 630 nm red. Input voltage is 12 – 24 VDC.

A variety of interchangeable optic patterns are available. Choose from standard line, stripe, crosshair and grid patterns, or specify the custom pattern ideal for your project.



DC voltage (min) 12
DC voltage (max) 24
Power Consumption (W) < 4.5
Max LED forward current (mA) 720
Forward voltage (typical) 2.4 - 3.3
Forward voltage (max) 3.00 - 4.00
Max Pulse Current (mA) 2000