Image shows a Opto Engineering MC4K Series


Macro Lens 1.750X for 21.6mm Sensor

Opto Engineering MC4K Series

$ 1,790.00 each

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Macro design for sensors up to 4/3"
Exceptional low distortion
Optimized aperature
Easy front filter insertion
Industrial design for factory automation
Each lens is factory tested and delivered with the test report

This macro lens captures images of small objects when both very good resolution and nearly zero distortion are needed. It's very low distortion makes it perfect for precise dimensional measurements, at short working distances, when telecentricity is not needed. This macro lens has been specifically optimized for high resolution line scan cameras with a sensor size up to 4/3".

This lens series feature a fixed aperture, selected to ensure optimal field depth, image resolution and brightness for each magnification range, while meeting the typical needs of machine vision applications. The absence of an iris adjustment mechanism leads to a simpler and streamlined build, granting extra durability and precision.

1) Macro design. Achieve unmatched resolution in critical applications. These objectives consistently deliver better image quality than standard fixed focal length lenses used with extension tubes

2) Exceptional low distortion. Perform measurement tasks with a high degree of accuracy and reliability.

3) Optimized aperture. For each magnification, the f/# is optimized to ensure the best field depth and image resolution.

4) Easy front filter insertion with M30.5x0.5 thread.

5) Machine integration is simplified with the precise focusing mechanism..

6) Flexible mounting. Choose a F or M42x1 mount.

This lens has a standard F mount for compatibility with many linescan cameras. The same lens with a M42 mount is readily available; additional mounts are available on request.


Lens Type: Macro
Magnification: 1.750
Distortion: < 0.03 %
Depth of Field: 0.40 mm
Working Distance: 83.8 mm
F#: 18.0
Lens Mount: F-Mount
Image Circle: 21.60 mm (4/3")
Length: 198.5 mm

This lens has a near and far focusing range. At the near range, the magnification = 1.793 at a working distance of 82.7 mm. At the far range, 1.705 at 85.0 mm. The f-number shown above is the “working” or “real” f-number of the lens when used as a macro. Please contact us if you need a lens having a smaller aperture.

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