Image shows a Kowa HC


1" 75 mm Megapixel Lens

Kowa HC

$ 412.00 each

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75 mm lens for larger sensors having small pixels
Low distortion
Excellent light transmission

Designed for any camera with up to a 1" size sensor. This lens has 120 lp/mm resolution at center and 80 lp/mm in corners.

The Kowa HC has a compact metal housing. The focus and aperture adjustments lock-down with thumb-screws to resist equipment vibration.


Lens Type: General
Focal Length: 75 mm
Resolution: 0.0042 mm, 119 lp/mm
Minimum Working Distance: 1,000 mm
F#: 1.8 - 16.0
Lens Mount: C-Mount
Image Circle: 16.00 mm (1")
Length: 57.0 mm
Filter Thread: M46 x .75


FRMS829 Clear Lens Cover, 46 mm Thread
FRMS208 NIR Bandpass Filter, 46.0 mm Thread
FRMS200 Blue Bandpass Filter, 46 mm Thread

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