Image shows a Aptina AR0134


1280 x 960 1/3" Monochrome CMOS Sensor

Aptina AR0134

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Progressive Scan CMOS, global shutter
High speed image capture into high definition (HD) format
Exceptional low light performance

Aptina's focus on pixel performance excellence provides the foundation for this sensor's exceptional image quality with superior performance.The sensor integrates Aptina’s smallest, high performance global shutter technology for high speed image capture into a 1/3-inch optical format high definition (HD) device. The 3.75-micron global shutter pixel with exceptional low light performance can stop action without the artifacts typically associated with conventional rolling shutter pixels.


Sensor Resolution: 1280 (h) x 960 (v) pixels
Pixel Size: 3.75 µm
Sensor Size: 6.00 mm (1/3")
Sensor Active Area: 4.8000 (h) x 3.6000 (v) mm
Technology: CMOS Monochrome Progressive Scan


Pixel Size 3.75 µm

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