Image shows a SVS-Vistek EVO Blackline evo1050MFLGEA67


1024 x 1024 Monochrome CCD GigE Camera

SVS-Vistek EVO Blackline evo1050MFLGEA67

$3,116.00 each

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IP67 for installation in harsh environments
147 full frames per second
Industry Standard M12 cable connections
Built-in LED lighting drivers and controllers
High quality images through flexible trigger and exposure modes
Optimized image read-out times due to considerably faster image transfer

The SVCam-EVO "BlackLine" combines the outstanding features of the EVO series with a water-tight enclosure for harsh environments.

> Resolutions 1, 2, 4 or 8 MegaPixels

> IP67 protection class (includes lens tube)

> Dual M12-8 Ethernet connector standard rated for 10 Gbit

> Progressive scan 4-tap CCD sensors

> M12-12 connector standard for SPS devices

> LED driver for up to 4 channels (replaces a separate flash controller in many cases)

> Sequence shutter and LED controller for perfect exposure

> Practical trigger modes: Logic, Pulse Width, Edge and Software triggers

> Industrial standard power input range (10-25 VDC +/- 20%)

> High-performance temperature management

> Powerful accessories like robust industrial PCs an processing units

> SDK for Windows (32/64bit) and Linux available


Sensor Resolution: 1024 (h) x 1024 (v) pixels
Sensor Size: 7.96 mm (1/2")
Sensor Model: ON Semi KAI-01050-A
Chroma: Monochrome
Frame Rate (full resolution): 147 frames/second
Lens Mount: C-Mount
Data Interface: Ethernet Gig-E Vision

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