1" 50 mm SWIR Megapixel Lens

Kowa HC-SW

$ 1,384.00 each

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For Near Infrared and Short Wavelength Infrared imaging
High light transmission from 800 - 2000 nm

This 1" C-mount lens is designed for near infrared ("NIR") and short wavelength infrared ("SWIR") imaging. Using special coating technology, it has high light transmission across the range of 800 to 2000 nm. Resolution is 120 lp/mm at center and 80 lp/mm in corners.


Compatable filters:
  • FRMS185 Dark Red Bandpass Filter, 40.5 mm Thread
  • FRMS188 NIR Bandpass Filter, 40.5 mm Thread
  • FRMS827 Clear Lens Cover, 40.5 mm Thread
  • FRMS180 Blue Bandpass Filter, 40.5 mm Thread
  • FRMS184 Light Red Bandpass Filter, 40.5 mm Thread
  • FRMS608 Blue Attenuation Filter, 40.5 mm Thread
  • FRMS808 Rotating Linear Polarizer, 40.5 mm Thread
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Lens Type: General
Focal Length: 50 mm
Resolution: 0.0042 mm, 119 lp/mm
Minimum Working Distance: 500 mm
F#: 1.4 - 16.0
Lens Mount: C-Mount
Image Circle: 16.00 mm (1")
Length: 48.0 mm
Filter Thread: M40.5 x .5