Fanless Computer, i7-6700TE CPU, PoE, USB3


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High Performance Skylake i7-6700TE Quad-Core CPU
Fanless Design for 0 to 50 deg. C
Six GigE Ports, Four with PoE
Four USB3 Ports, Four USB2 Ports, Three serial ports
One PCIe x16 Slot and Two mini PCIe Sockets
Optional 16 or 32 channel Isolated Digital I/O

We searched the world over for the best image processing computer. What do we mean by “best?” We wanted it all, including: An industrial design free of moving parts, support for Power-over-Ethernet cameras and USB3 cameras, a CPU that can handle multiple cameras with high frame rates, a PCIe slot for additional cameras or I/O, a wide temperature range, and optional integrated discrete 24VDC I/O. Of course it had to be price competitive. Meet the CRNS360!


Why should you choose a computer without moving parts? Because it’s the moving parts that fail first. When a cooling fan stops turning, or the hard-disk drive stops spinning, it is sure to be expensive.

It isn’t hard to build a consumer-grade “gaming” computer. But building a fanless system that can handle industrial environments is another matter altogether. The Neousys design puts the CPU right up against the large external heat sink. It can handle 50 degrees C, even with its 5th generation Skylake i7 CPU under full load.


Compare the performance of the i7-6700TE against other fanless embedded computers intended for machine vision. This chipset scored 9044 using Passmark Performance Test software. That’s 20% better than our previous generation.

The CRNS360 has six Gigabit Ethernet ports. Four of those ports can deliver Power-over-Ethernet, so cameras and other devices can be powered without pulling additional cables or purchasing external power supplies. To maximize bandwith, five ports have independent Intel I210 controllers, with the sixth having an I219 controller. All ports support jumbo packets to keep CPU interrupts to a minimum. The I210 controller is supported by the Basler Pylon Performance Driver (version 4.1.0 and newer) to further enhance imaging performance.


The CRNS360 offers optional integrated discrete I/O for interfacing with PLCs, light controllers, and other devices. Choose the 16 channel board, or the 32 channel deterministic board. The 5 - 24 VDC inputs are optically isolated, and can be programmed for polling or change-of-state interrupt. The 24 VDC discrete outputs are also isolated. The deterministic board is ideal for precise timing of multiple cameras and strobe lights.


Alternate configurations are available for volume customers.